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This is a raster graphic project that I did using the Adobe Photoshop CS6. The idea that I have for this project is to create a graphic presentation to give a sense imagination and wondering. This little girl in the presentation is a friend’s daughter. The picture was taken on her 3 year old birthday. The girl, her drink, and the dish with bread are from the orginal picture. The table is actually not a table, but something else that looks like a table. The balloons are cut from another picture as well, which I added the “Happy Birthday!” and “Alisha Naiyer” text on the ballons. And finally, the background image is a picture of a wall mural that I took from an alley way in Downtown San Francisco. So, you can see that the project is combining the edited graphic artwork from different photo images.

file name Li_PSfinal
file type Raster
software Photoshop CS6
file format PSD
color space CMYK
file size 12.1MB
dimensions 900X900
resolution 300dpi