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This is a time base media graphic project that I did using the Adobe Flash CS6. The idea of this project comes from a cartoon movie that I saw when I was a kid. I loved the main character Monkey King in this movie, as I have described in the vector page. The graphics used in this animation project come mainly from the Monkey King vector project that I did with Illustrator. This Flash animation is eight seconds in length. It involves an introduction text, a background picture of evening clouds, vector graphics of Monkey King in two different positions, and sound effect that makes the scene vivid. One scene is Monkey chases after a spinning sword from upper right to lower left of the screen. And immediately, Monkey King flips himself chasing after a flying spear from upper left to lower right of the screen.

file name Li_FLfinal
file type FLA
software Flash CS6
file format SWF
color space RGB
file size 94.2KB
dimensions 900X600px
resolution 72dpi