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This is a vector graphic project that I did using the Adobe Illustrator CS6. The idea of this project comes from a cartoon movie that I saw when I was a kid. I loved the movie very much. The main character in the movie is called Monkey King, which I liked the most and still unforgetable. And the creation of that cartoon movie was based on the 16th century Ming Dynasty famous novel, "Journey To The West". The creation of this project took me quite a lot of time. But after completing the project, I was pretty satisfied with the result. Time was definitely well spent. My classmates also liked this Monkey King presentation when we did the critique of the vector projects together in class.

file name Li_AlFinalCMYK
file type Vector
software Illustrator CS6
file format TIFF
color space CMYK
file size 1.01MB
dimensions 1028x768
resolution 300dpi